Go Ride a TrikE


I loved my trike when I was a kid. I could ride it all the way to the corner and back, and I liked the independence. Now I’m looking at a different kind of independence—from my car—and a TrikE is looking pretty good.

TrikE’s enclosed design protects the rider from weather, making the vehicle useable year-round. Photo Courtesy SpeedStudioDesign.com. 

TrikE, an electric-assisted human powered vehicle (HPV), has a 750-watt electric motor that enables it to reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The motor’s 36-volt lithium battery pack costs just pennies to recharge. TrikE’s enclosed design offers weather protection, and a compartment behind the rider offers cargo storage. TrikE is legally classified as a bicycle, which means I wouldn’t need a license to ride it, and I wouldn’t have to insure it

This thing would be perfect for trips to the yoga studio and the grocery store, and I could avoid traffic by taking the bike lanes. I like this independence.