Herbs to See, to Smell, to Taste!

Sue Goetz - Creative Gardener
Workshop Level: Beginner
Sue Goetz is certified as a professional horticulturalist (CPH), a board member of the Northwest Horticultural Society and a member of the Garden Writers of America. She loves the outreach side, including freelance writing, a self-published newsletter, horticulture workshops, and public speaking engagements, with a special passion for herbs in and out of the garden. She is the author of a series of self-published booklets, the Creative Garden Guides: Herbs to see, to smell, to taste; In Love With Lavender; The Stillroom; and Floribunda.

Workshop Description

Discover the sensory delights of your favorite herbs from garden to table and beyond. A five-senses discovery awaits in the herb garden. Learn about herbs in the garden for fragrance, culinary uses, healing and more. Get to know the top 10 favorite herbs as well as the many ways to grow and use them. Show and tell ideas and tips for harvesting, preserving, culinary applications and crafts, all using aromatic herbs. Also included: Sue’s recipes that use “any” herb, recipes that personalize crafting, care and culinary items.

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Speaker Bio

Sue Goetz is a garden designer, writer and speaker. Through her business Creative Gardener, she works with clients to personalize outdoor spaces: from garden coaching the small seasonal tasks to full landscape design projects. Goetz’s work has earned gold medals at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, the Sunset Magazine award, gold medals at the Point Defiance Flower and Garden show as well as the Fine Gardening magazine “Best Design” award. Her home garden has been featured in Northwest Home and Garden magazine (March 2004) as well as Country Gardens (Summer 2011). Goetz was named 2012 educator of the year by the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association and named Best Horticulturalist by WestSound Home and Garden magazine (Spring 2013).