Biodegradable Seedling Pots

 Of course, eggshells make a stellar addition to any composter.  But why not save a few and turn them into charming biodegradable seedling pots? It's so easy. 

biodegradable seedling pots 


1. First begin by saving your eggshells.  When cracking your egg, you can attempt to crack it in the center so you are left with two tiny pots.  If you mess up, save the larger portion and toss the rest into compost. 

2. Rinse eggshells well and place directly back into the carton.  For drainage, poke a small hole in the end of the egg with a sharp knife. 

3. Put 1-2 tablespoons of a nice potting soil or organic material into the eggshells. 

4. Plant seeds and water.  Place in a sunny windowsill and watch them grow! 

5. When it comes time to re-pot into a larger vessel, or if transplanting outside, first gently crush the entire egg with your hand before planting. 

 These little eggshells dry out pretty quick and require watering everyday.  But aren't they darling? 

growing seedlings 

Liesl and Myles are urban homesteaders from Alberta, Canada.  You can also find them on Nest.