Get Organized for Spring: Repurpose and Reuse

I live in a fairly small townhouse, and storage space can be a problem. (Actually, storage space seems to be a problem for everyone I know, wherever they live. We humans just collect a lot of stuff.) The current issue of Natural Home gave me some great ideas for keeping my stuff organized while reusing items that might otherwise end up in the trash. 

Perhaps what plagues me most are the magazines that pile up—in my office, my bedroom and even in the bathroom! So I started my spring cleaning and organizing by making these great magazine holders out of old cereal boxes.

I’m not the craftiest person on the planet, but this project was super easy—just the way I like it. All I had to do was cut away part of a vertical side, and the boxes stay strong enough to hold several magazines. My daughter helped me make them pretty, decorating them with old magazine and newspaper cut-outs and her own unique artistry. 

And now for the hard part—time to clear space on the bookshelves to make room for my magazine holders. Anyone have any great reuse ideas for old books?