Hopping for Fun and Profit With Heritage Rabbits

Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Workshop Level: Beginner
Alison joined the ALBC team in 2011 to serve as the Research and Technical Programs Director, returning to her roots with heritage breeds and small production systems.

Workshop Description

Rabbits can be easy, versatile and quiet animals to raise on your small property. Heritage breeds offer a chance to set yourself apart from other rabbitries, and they provide value-added product for both home use and sale. Get acquainted with the breeds and the basics of raising rabbits.

Speaker Bio

Alison Martin is the program director at The Livestock Conservancy, a membership organization for conserving heritage livestock and poultry. With more than 20 years' experience in agriculture, she provides technical support and education to heritage breed farmers and ranchers.

Visit www.livestockconservancy.org for more information.