Finding and Cooking Wild Edible Foods

Kim Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Workshop Level: Beginner
Kim grew up in Puyallup, Washington. She is a delightful teacher with a B.S. in Wildlife Science from the University of Washington where she specialized in corvids and birds in general. Kim was a member, trainer, and past president of King County Search Dogs, a unit of King County Search & Rescue, of which she and her late border collie, Skye, were active members for 12 years.

Workshop Description

Join Kim Chisholm for an hour of wild food fun! You’ll learn to identify, harvest and prepare some of the most important wild edibles in the region, including cattail, stinging nettle and hazelnuts. Chisholm will also cover poisonous look-alikes and ways to avoid harvesting hazards. Finally, she’ll transform some wiggly critters into a delectable and nutritious snack. Everything tastes fabulous ... but don’t take her word for it! Try a sample, take home a recipe and cook up a tasty wild treat for your friends and family.

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Speaker Bio

Kim Chisholm is co-owner of Wolf Camp and the Wolf College, an outdoor educational institute in Puyallup, Wash. (which is where she grew up). The institute has programs nationwide, which she runs together with her husband, Chris. They live on her grandparent's old homestead, which they call Blue Skye Farm, located just a mile from the fairgrounds where the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is held. She holds a bachelor's in wildlife science from the University of Washington.

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