Growing High-Nutritional Organic Food: Getting the most out of your veggies

Hendrikus Schraven and Nirav Peterson - Hendrikus Organics
Workshop Level: Intermediate
Hendrikus was born on an organic farm in Holland at a time when traditional organic farming was the way of life. He was raised to understand the soil; how it works to create and sustain plant health; how to keep it nutrient rich and alive. He learned the traditions of working with the environment organically, keeping nature in balance, and understanding how that balance is essential to the health of all life.

Workshop Description

Growing organically is healthier for us and for our planet. And getting the most out of our organic efforts means producing the highest nutritionally dense foods possible. Learn how to tell the difference and what you can do to dramatically increase not just the production but also the nutritional density of your crops for an even healthier you.

Speaker Bio

Known for his many episodes on Gardening with Ciscoe and award-winning landscapes, Hendrikus’ agricultural and construction background started in Holland, where he gained a firm foundation in soil ecology, structural applications and design, and the role of organics in environmental health.

In 1972 he made the Seattle Puget Sound area his home, and within two years established what has become one of the most respected, environmentally conscious, landscape construction and design companies in America. He has garnered over 60 state, national, and international awards for environmental excellence and erosion control technology.

Covering the topics of organics, living soils, environmentally sound construction practices, and erosion control, he has consulted all the way from Haiti, Fiji, Holland, New York, California, Arizona, Washington State and Hawaii.

Through his company he supplies high-quality organic fertilizers, soil amendments and compost tea sprays and equipment that have helped make his projects so environmentally successful.

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