Yogurt: Marvels and making

Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
Workshop Level: Beginner
In addition to actively managing their 70 head herd of dairy goats, Gianaclis is the cheesemaker and owner (along with her husband, Vern Caldwell) of Pholia Farm, a licensed dairy located on 24 of the 200 plus acres she grew up on in southern Oregon. Pholia is well known for its artisan, aged raw milk cheeses; classes on small-dairy, goat husbandry, and cheesemaking at all levels; and off-grid, sustainable life-style focus.

Workshop Description

If there ever was a food worthy of the title "superfood" it might just be yogurt. In this class you will not only learn how to make several styles of healthy, simple, heritage yogurts, but also learn of the latest research showing yogurt's health benefits, from boosting the immune system to enhancing mood. You will also learn things such as if you can make raw milk yogurt, how to make yogurt cheese, and the difference between cow and goat milk yogurt.

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Speaker Bio

Author, dairy farmer and professional cheesemaker Gianaclis Caldwell knows firsthand the rewards and difficulties involved in operating a small dairy. From the rigors and emotional toll - and rewards - of animal care to the burden of dealing with regulatory concerns and commercial costs, the small dairy is a worthy but complicated business. It is Caldwell's goal to provide the insight and knowledge necessary for those entering the field to succeed - and be happy!

Visit gianacliscaldwell.com and pholiafarm.com for more information.

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