The Right Tools for the Job: Proper use, care and selection of hand gardening tools

Joel Dufour - Earth Tools
Workshop Level: Intermediate

Workshop Description

You want gardening to be as easy and fun as possible, but with the tools commonly available to us these days, this is darn near impossible. Learn how to identify, find, use and maintain high-quality tools that will not only last for years, but will also make gardening less work and more enjoyable. Many unique tools will be at the workshop to get your hands on ... This isn't just a slideshow!

Speaker Bio

Joel Dufour grew up and was home-schooled on a small farm in southern Indiana, where the family businesses included a small engine shop and sales of organic produce in the summer and firewood in the winter. Dufour founded his own business, Earth Tools, in 1993. Started in a garage, Earth Tools has grown into one of the largest suppliers of high-quality gardening tools and equipment in the country. Dufour, his wife and two daughters live (and garden a 1/4 acre organically) near Frankfort, Ky., in an off-grid home they built by hand.

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