Intro to Sausage and Charcuterie for Home Chefs

Meredith McKissick and Matt Helms - Foothills Farm and Butchery
Workshop Level: Beginner
Homemade sausages were a traditional peasant food — a way to make efficient use of all parts of slaughtered animals. Sausages come in two varieties: fresh and cured. Both are possible to make yourself, but curing sausage at home requires some special ingredients and conditions.

Workshop Description

In this workshop, we will discuss utilization of the pork carcass for sausage and other charcuterie. We will make sausage on site, and cover recipes, ratios, seasoning, equipment and more.

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Speaker Bio

Meredith McKissick and her husband, Casey, own Foothills Farm and Butchery, an all-local, whole-animal butcher shop located 10 minutes from Asheville in Black Mountain, N.C., and Foothills Pasture-Raised Meats, a farm in Old Fort specializing in pork and beef production.

Matt Helms graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte in 2002 and has been commanding kitchens ever since, as sous-chef for the Carolina Panthers for four years, and then as executive chef at Frank Restaurant in Austin, Texas. He has been featured in Southern Living, Esquire, on TLC's Best Food Ever, and on Spike TV. He currently serves as head butcher and executive chef at Foothills Farm and Butchery.

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