Keeping Chickens: A Must-Have Resource

fresh eggs in hands 

Keeping chickens for luscious, fresh eggs is something we can't wait to experience! 

We are hard at work these days gearing up for our best growing season yet!  Something that is certainly missing are a few chickens.  However, just because we cannot keep chickens on our town lot, doesn't mean we aren't preparing for them.  In fact, acquiring chickens will likely be one of the first things we do on our new piece of land.

And why not? Imagine fresh, natural eggs only moments away from your door! What about that creamy, dark golden yolk- a sure sign of a healthy, chemical-free flock.  Not to mention, probably the best wholesome chicken you ever could sink your teeth into.

We have taken every possible book out of the library on the subject.  We've scoured numerous bookstores searching for that perfect, tell-all book.  But let us say that there is no better resource to have on hand than Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English- All You Need To Know To Care For A Happy, Healthy Flock (Lark Books). 

ashley english collage 

 Why This Book? 

 From newbies like us-- to seasoned professionals-- look no further.  Ashley's friendly and fresh approach is so appealing!  Learn about breeds suited to your area and climate, plus get health care and feeding advice.  She also discusses quality control, fencing, egg storage and mobile chicken housing.  Did we mention the incredible photos, and delicious egg recipes-- such as her sweet potato souffle?  No matter if you want a few hens or a large flock--there is something for you!  You will be so happy you picked this up.

We can't wait to put all of this knowledge to good use! 

You can find Ashley English and book info on her wonderful site, Small Measure.

Liesl and Myles are from Alberta, Canada.  You can also visit them on Nest. 

photos (top to bottom): Flickr/Kthread, L & M Petersen + Flickr/Kevin Cortopassi