Homesteading Tips to Save Time and Money

John Knioca shares these homesteading tips to help you save on costly expenditures.
June/July 2002
Invest in used farm trucks to save money.


Learn these homesteading tips to help you save time and money.

John Knioca's homesteading tips:

•Clean your windshield of bugs with a single-edge razor blade; buy them 100 to a box.

•Got a critter between the walls? Turn on two or three radios, full volume, and go to town for half a day. When you come back, the creatures will be gone

•Don't bother with soap when you wash a car. It takes the wax off and isn't needed 99 percent of the time.

•Give your body to organ donor organizations or a local university for research. Funeral traditions are not enjoyed by or paid for by the dead. I give flowers to living people, not dead.

•Buy a pre-1987 full-size truck, and take care of it. It will only stay the same or go up in value. We have three; one has only 491,000 miles on it.

•Throw away all of your credit cards; pay cash for everything. Avoid new houses and never buy a new vehicle.

—John Knioca
Vevay, Indiana