Reuse Those Peeps! Don’t Let the Little Gems Become Garbage

Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailI’ve never been a Peeps lover. Those sugar-crusted, neon-colored marshmallow chicks and bunnies inevitably turned rock hard in my Easter basket before they made their way to the landfill. If only I’d known that Peeps are the building blocks of great art!

In “20 Creative Uses for Peeps Beyond the Easter Basket” in Wisebread this week, Sonja Stewart (“a coupon-clipping, gluten-free mom who refuses to pay retail”) provides all sorts of inspiration for making use of what might otherwise be garbage. I’ve pulled my favorite seven ideas.

Never let a good Peep go to waste.

 1. Wreath

Hot-glue Peeps on a Styrofoam circle to make a Peeps wreath.

2. Table Centerpiece

Place chopsticks in the bottom of a dozen Peeps and arrange in a vase as a Peeps bouquet.

3. Packaging

Use Peeps instead of packing peanuts for fragile shipments.

4. Improved S'moresgreen peeps

Make Peeps S'mores using a microwaved Peep, a melted Cadbury egg and graham crackers. You may fall into a sugar coma, but when you wake up, you'll realize it was worth it.

peeps smore

5. DIY Candy Necklace

Peep necklaces are a fun way to entertain your children on Easter morning. String them with fishing line, and carefully intersperse jellybeans in-between each Peep.

6. Peeps in a Jar

Fill a cute mason jar 1/4 full with spring-colored M&Ms. Then place the peeps around the inside, facing out. This works very well with the bunny ones.

7. Non-Lethal Warfare

Give them to the boys and encourage an outside Easter battle. Bonus: The carcasses are edible.