Tapping Maple and Birch Trees Using Natural Sumac Spiles and Taps

Alan and Susan Fox - The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms and Studio
Workshop Level: Beginner

Workshop Description

Learn how and when to tap trees without having to buy equipment. Learn how to make natural spiles from sumac, recycle jugs and jars for collecting sap, and get started with simple outside boiling down.

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Speaker Bio

"We are Alan and Susan Fox. We are native to these mountains, as were our families before us. We offer in-season produce and berries, and what isn't sold this way we turn into a value-added product. We offer a variety of other things as well.

We are a small-scale diversified farm on a very small acreage in the beautiful, yet rugged, Appalachian mountain range of Western North Carolina. Some of the things we offer: Bloody Butcher cornmeal, Flower Essence Jellies, hops, goat milk and cheese, goats' milk soaps with hog fat, shiitake mushrooms, sunchokes, heirloom tomatoes and other in-season vegetables and berries, hand-built potter and other clayworks, jewelry made from semi-precious stones found in the garden, and mountain and Native American crafts. We have a small certified on-farm kitchen that we consider "green."

Our name comes from the fact that we started out with shiitake mushrooms as our first venture. Eventually, it became a necessity that we make our small farm sustain us. We also decided we could be of help to others. This idea became a reality when Mayland Community College, Yancey Campus, was advertising for instructors for their continuing education/general interest programs.

We promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life, but before we just called it "gettin' by and makin' do". That's always been our way of life and the way we were raised. We want to keep these values and ideas in the minds and hearts of people and hope that some of this carries through into our teachings."

Visit www.themushroomhutfoxfarms.webs.com for more information.