Updated How to Can App Now Available


The updated How to Cann app is now available inside the free MOTHER EARTH NEWS Library appJust in time for canning season, the free MOTHER EARTH NEWS How to Can app, available for both and Android devices, is freshly updated.

The app features science-based, research-tested U.S. Department of Agriculture instructions and processing times for both boiling water-bath and pressure-canned fruits and vegetables. It also includes information on how much a bushel of peaches should weigh, for example, and how many quarts of canned peaches you’ll get from that bushel. Because the app works on your phone, it’s handy to consult at the farmers market, so you’ll know how much food you’ll have put by if you buy that lug of fresh berries or bushel of sweet corn.

The updated version includes information for pressure-canning asparagus, whole-kernel corn, okra and succotash, as well as water-bath canning information for mixed fruit cocktail, stewed rhubarb, peach salsa, three kinds of pie filling (apple, cherry and peach), fruit purees, strawberry-rhubarb jelly and blueberry-spice jam. With the app on your phone or tablet, you can take it right into the kitchen.

The updated version also includes the 10 fruits and vegetables in the original app, including seven ways to preserve tomatoes, from whole-in-juice to salsa. The original app also includes handy charts with processing times (which account for elevation changes as well), and easy-to-understand explanations and directions for pressure-canning that will defuse any fear you may have.

To get this handy app, first download the free MOTHER EARTH NEWS library app from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play, then select How to Can from inside the library app. If you already have How to Can, be sure to update to the current version within the MOTHER EARTH NEWS library app.

Whether you put up just a few jars of your favorite jelly or fill your pantry with dozens of colorful jars of home-canned food, this free canning app will be your new best friend. And while you’re grabbing the canning app, be sure to check out our full app collection