Our Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner





Hot, muggy, sweltering August heat? No air conditioner? Tapped for cash? 

 Not everyone is able to run out and purchase an expensive air conditioner for their home.  Besides, the operating costs of one are sky-high.  We've found that this simple, do-it-yourself solution saves the day when summer heat is melting you.

do-it-yourself air conditioner

  what you need: 

  • a few trays of ice
  • shallow container or bowl
  • a standard fan

 what to do: 

 1) Place ice in the shallow container. Set container on a low table top.

 2) Place fan in front of the ice. Turn fan on. The fan will suck the cool air generated by the ice into the blades and push it out into the room. Refill ice as necessary. We found this technique to work most effectively in a small, enclosed room.


bowl of ice 

fan and ice 

 Overall result? A noticeably cooler, ice-chilled room with minimal effort and cost!

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All Photos: Liesl & Myles Petersen 

 Liesl and Myles are from Alberta, Canada. You can also find them on Nest.