Priscilla Woolworth Goes Green

As a kid, I loved traveling downtown to the local Woolworth’s. I could find anything I needed there (or so it seemed). As a green-leaning adult, I’ve often longed for a Woolworth-like shopping experience—a one-stop shop with a variety of sustainable products all under one roof. Oh, hey…did someone say Priscilla Woolworth? 

Priscilla Woolworth
In addition to green household products, sells a variety of fair trade items from around the world. Photo Courtesy markets itself as an eco-friendly general store. It sells all kinds of everyday products a green consumer might want: CFL light bulbs, solar-powered flashlights, biodegradable trash bags, bamboo hangers, organic cotton balls, recycled school supplies and more. A descendant of the founders of F.W. Woolworth, one of America’s original five and dime stores, Priscilla wanted to make green living a little easier by providing a selection of practical, high-quality products at affordable prices. supports fair-trade companies. In addition to practical household items, the website also sells a variety of decorative fair-trade products from around the world: hand-woven recycled-plastic baskets from Africa, Vietnamese tea pots, Haitian bird houses, Nepalese market bags and more. 

No, it’s not your mother’s Woolworth’s. But I bet she’ll love it nonetheless.