Raising Goats Naturally

Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Workshop Level: Beginner
Alison Martin, PhD is the Conservancy’s Research and Technical Programs Director. As a teenager, Alison raised backyard poultry, waterfowl, rabbits and horses. This early experience led to a career of more than 20 years in poultry science, specializing in health and vaccine development.

Workshop Description

Learn to raise dairy goats naturally to produce your own milk, meat, cheese, soap and more. We'll discuss how to follow nature's example and let moms raise their own babies to have healthier goats that produce more milk and meat.

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Speaker Bio

Alison Martin is the program director at The Livestock Conservancy, a membership organization for conserving heritage livestock and poultry. With more than 20 years' experience in agriculture, she provides technical support and education to heritage breed farmers and ranchers.