You’ve Got It, So Cook It!

Linda Watson - Cook for Good
Workshop Level: Beginner
Linda lives with her husband, Bruce, live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Workshop Description

Squeeze every last drop of flavor and nutrition out of the food you grow or buy. Learn to make delicious dishes out of food that many people throw away. It’s the best way to afford and honor local, sustainably grown, and organic ingredients. Develop new habits that will provide you with "free" meals every month. Save hundreds of dollars a year and up your locavore score by making the best use of your freezer. You can afford to eat like it matters!

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Speaker Bio

Linda Watson started the Cook for Good project after becoming obsessed with the national Food Stamp Challenge: living on a dollar a meal per person for a week. Her three-week experiment became a lifestyle, the website, the book Wildly Affordable Organic, and now the Wildly Good Cook videos and teachers' training program. Her story took a romantic turn when she wrote the spoof Fifty Weeks of Green: Romance & Recipes. She teaches cooking classes and gives talks on thrift, sustainability, and creating your dream life across the country. At home, she's slowly converting her yard to an edible forest garden, with hazelnuts, kiwis, and more, as well as annual vegetables and plenty of oddly gorgeous plants.

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