Essential Homemade Beauty Products: Natural lotion and deodorant

Amanda Sorell and Shelley Stonebrook - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Workshop Level: Beginner
Amanda heads up the Green Homes beat at MOTHER EARTH NEWS. She is interested in making DIY natural home products, trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle, and raising awareness about environmental and social justice issues. She also loves reading, writing, grammar, running, music of all kinds, traveling, and learning.

Workshop Description

Are you fed up with lathering your body with the harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients in products available on store shelves? So are we! Thankfully, with a DIY attitude and some simple ingredients, you can whip up wonderful, effective natural alternatives to everyday products. We’ll cover what’s in some of the commercially available gunk, and then we’ll show you, step by step, how to make your own natural lotion and deodorant with recipes we actually think work better than store-bought options. At the end, we’ll do a prize drawing to give away a few jars of our homemade lotion and deodorant.

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Speaker Bio

Amanda Sorell and Shelley Stonebrook, members of the fabulous MOTHER EARTH NEWS editorial team, are both big fans of these things: reading books, writing words, amazing animals (which they all are), mason jars, do-it-yourself projects, gardening, thrift shopping, creative cooking, and sustainable-living fairs. They are NOT fans of these things: toxic chemicals in our food, toxic chemicals in everyday products, and companies disguising these chemicals in cutesy marketing campaigns.

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