Hold Everything!

April/May 2001

Sometimes you need a way to clamp thick books or magazines open to review recipes or other material while reading or copying. Pianists and other musicians may find clamps useful for holding flimsy song sheets in place on a music rack, and dozens of other household chores, such as gluing, sewing and carpentry work, call for light clamping. At a garage sale recently, I found an ideal solution.

Large wooden clamps made of scrap wood, ideally of 3/4-inch-thick pine shelving, can be easily constructed in just a few minutes' time with a scroll or saber saw. These clamps have wide jaws that are closed with rubber bands so you can control the strength of the clamp by adding or subtracting rubber bands. The soft jaws of the clamp will provide a tight grip. A thin strip of rubber may be cemented in the jaws to keep them from scratching finely finished surfaces.

Santa Cruz, California