Win A Portable Chicken Coop

If you want a few hens for fresh eggs, but haven’t had the time (or money) to build a coop or chicken tractor, here’s your chance to win a free coop! The Handcrafted Coops portable chicken coop is an ark-style coop with space for three hens (or five bantams).

We have several coop and pen designs on the website (Easy Backyard Chicken Coops, Small Backyard Chicken Coop and An Easy and Affordable Poultry Pen), but the ark from Handcrafted Coops has several design features I really like:

  • Easy access to the nest box
  • A solid wall on one side of the grazing pen to protect birds from wind
  • Shade and shelter from rain in the grazing area
  • Raised roosting space (chickens don’t like to roost low)
  • Sturdy design to reduce predator risks

Check out the video below, then go to to enter.