Two Low-cost, Supereasy Ways to Protect Your Fall Crops


(Lead with photo of the garden)


You can have a great fall garden like this one if you use simple coldframes or low tunnels.  Here are two great easy ways to protect cold hardy crops like carrots, spinach, cabbage and many others, so you can enjoy fresh homegrown food well into late fall and winter.


  1. Shape welded wire fencing into tunnels to cover your beds (this will keep the deer away, and rabbits too if you choose a small mesh) and then as cold weather sets in, cover the tunnels with recycled shower curtains or clear plastic sheeting or even recycled bubble wrap. 


  1. Make a coldframe using concrete blocks, bricks or strawbales for the sides and storm windows to cover the top.


For more season-extension tips, see Know how article link


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