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Garden Insects Guide App 2013 ArtSummer can be challenging time in the garden when it comes to battling pest damage. Your first questions as a gardening are: What is this pest? What can I do to save my plants? We can help answer those questions!

Every garden contains bugs that can damage your crops as well as many beneficial bugs that feed on the garden pests. Our Garden Insects Guide — available free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play — will help you tell the bad bugs from the good bugs, and provide advice on how you can prevent damage from the pest insects and attract the beneficial ones. 

In this digital resource, MOTHER EARTH NEWS gardening expert Barbara Pleasant profiles 15 of the most common garden pests, each accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Keith Ward. You can take your smartphone or tablet right into your garden and use the illustrations to figure out who’s who. Then, if you confirm that a pest insect is causing damage, this tool will tell you which of eight remedies you can use to protect your crop.

Plus, 14 beneficial insects are also illustrated and profiled, along with tips on ways to bring in each of these garden helpers. We give tips on how to maintain a healthy bad bug-good bug balance, a major goal of organic gardening. You won't need any toxic pesticides if you follow this approach!

Start Identifying the Insects in Your Garden!Garden Insect Guide 2013 Interior Image

Download the free Garden Insect Guide app on your Android or Apple tablet or smartphone:

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