Can the Sweet Corn

Hank Will - Grit Magazine
Workshop Level: Beginner
Hank Will has written four books, more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles and hundreds of magazine articles about vintage machinery. He has served as editor of Grit since April 2, 2007.

Workshop Description

Some folks call it field corn. Others call it ornamental or “Indian” corn. While most folks are focused on sweet corn for homestead growing, heirloom flint, flour and dent corns are much more versatile and arguably more practical in the garden or small field plot. Most are easy to grow, some have incredibly short growing seasons, some are highly drought tolerant, and all offer a multitude of uses, including being ground into flavorful cornmeal and flour. Join GRIT Editor-in-Chief and field corn freak Hank Will as he walks you through the process of raising, harvesting, using and storing this “amaizing” crop on a homestead scale.

Speaker Bio

As a farmer, scientist, author and editor, Hank Will is known for seeking creative solutions to problems as varied as moving genes between species to working the land without huge investment. He’s published hundreds of articles and five books on a range of topics, including low-tech homesteading solutions and antique farm machinery.

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