Get Paper Towels Out of Your Life for Good

Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailI haven’t bought a roll of paper towels in nearly a decade. That's not because I'm all that virtuous—really, I’m just cheap. Years ago, when I sat down and took a look at what disposables I could delete from my life, paper towels were the obvious first choice. Even if I buy recycled paper towels, I’m still spending money on a product whose ultimate purpose is to be thrown away. That doesn’t sit right with me, especially when it’s so easy to clean up with reusable rags instead.

I have a collection of rags made from overused bath towels and bed sheets, and Organic Authority offers these great tips for using them.

  • Keep certain towels or rags for cleaning specific rooms. Try color-coding them so you know which towels to use for which rooms.
  • In your kitchen, store towels for drying dishes and towels for drying your hands separately. You don’t want to risk swapping nasty germs by using the same towels for these activities.
  • For down and dirty cleaning, use rags made from old T-shirts, bath towels or any other scrap cloth you have on hand.
  • For light dusting, try using old socks. Pull the socks onto your hands like mittens and dust away.

Organic Authority suggests committing to paper towel-free living gradually, starting with one week to see how it goes. Just be sure to have a good stash of rags on hand, and I promise you’ll never miss the roll. 

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You can use a reusable rag for everything you once thought you needed a paper towel for.