Renewable Energy Will Rise to the Challenge

August/September 2007

Renewable energy resources, given the right policies and conditions, could generate 635 gigawatts (GW) of new energy capacity by 2025. That would be about one quarter of our country’s projected energy needs. This favorable forecast comes from a recent report coordinated by the American Council on Renewable Energy.

The report draws on input from a wide variety of renewable energy experts, whose consensus is that wavering government support for renewable energy has been detrimental to the application of new technologies. The report calls for a comprehensive strategy aimed at making the United States a global leader in renewable technologies. “Renewable energy industries are ready to take the United States in a new direction. Now the right public policies are needed to help chart this route,” the report says. Of the 635 GW of renewable energy potential, wind would be the greatest contributor, generating about 39 percent.

And there’s more good news about renewable energy: As a result of technological advances and an increase in the supply of materials that make photovoltaic cells, solar energy costs should decrease 40 percent by 2010, according to the Prometheus Institute.

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