Unsafe Food



Dinner anyone?

In my 45 years as a butcher, I’ve seen horrific things in retail meat markets. I’ve watched managers wash chicken in baking soda and Clorox. That’s right – Clorox.  

The chicken was so obviously spoiled that you could smell it. But they did it anyway, repackaged it and sold it as fresh. A very common practice at one of the big chains I worked at. 

I’ve been in meat departments where the meat saw was cleaned so infrequently that there were maggots in the bottom of the saw that caught the bone fragments.  I’ve seen meat scraps go into barrels literally crawling with maggots. Wonder how often this still happens. 

Choosing a small-scale, local butcher and developing a relationship with him or her is the answer to avoiding these shenanigans. If you have questions, ask. A local butcher will be happy to answer.

All to say that - demand to know!   

It's your health.