Weekend Project: Pretty Vases in 60 Seconds


Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailIn winter’s depths, I keep my spirits up with flowers and candles. I bring in fresh organic flowers when the budget allows, and I light the long dark nights with as many votives as possible. I love this project for turning simple glasses into vases, created by Susan Wasinger, for both purposes. I can fill the finished vases with dried arrangements or use them to serve celery stalks for my next party. Placing a candle in the bottom really makes them shine.

These graceful vases take about 60 seconds to make: 20 seconds to cut the paper, 20 to brush it with glue and 20 to wrap it around a glass.

Simple Paper-Wrapped Vase 

1. Measure and cut handmade paper (available at specialty paper and craft stores or online) to the right height for your tall, straight-sided glass with a craft blade or scissors. You can leave the top edge irregular or cut it straight.

2. Thoroughly paint the back of the paper with white glue or Mod Podge, a nontoxic acrylic découpage medium sold at craft stores. Be sure the adhesive goes all the way to the edge.

3. Smooth the paper around the glass vase. Press firmly as you go to remove air bubbles. Let dry before using.


These pretty vases wrapped in handmade paper take about 60 seconds to make. Photo by Susan Wasinger