Use Rhubarb Now



Tangy, delicious rhubarb is on the minds of many.  A sure sign of spring -- ours is finally peeking up through the snow. 

It was something we had to plant on our bare town lot last season.  A beautiful, vibrant red and green rhubarb patch is a symbol of a well established yard- something we both wanted!  For years we have found other sources to acquire the neglected plant--often from neighbors or friends.  So, going out to the yard to gather our own crisp stalks--and transforming them into something delicious- -connects us to the fact that our parents and their parents alike, have done so for many years.  Perhaps we wanted to plant rhubarb to carry on this tradition.

Pungent rhubarb, also known as, the "pie plant"-- begs to be mellowed.  You can do this easily by cooking the stalks.  You'll be rewarded with luscious jams, syrups, pies and tarts.  You would love the simplicity of Food in Jars, Vanilla Rhubarb JamOh so delicious! 

rhubarb jam 

What about creamy Strawberry-Rhubarb Ice Cream from Cooking Light? This cool, mouth watering dessert would end any family gathering on a sweet note.

ice cream 

Don't forget about savory ways to use the plant.  A robust rhubarb chutney alongside pork or lamb would be delicious.  Or shredding it raw into a spring slaw would add a lovely, unexpected tang.

We can't wait to see how our five little crowns grow this season.  See "Plant No-Pamper Perennials" from Mother Earth News for rhubarb growing tips we used.

Do you get excited about rhubarb? What are your favorite ways to use it?

Liesl and Myles are from Alberta, Canada.  You can also find them on Nest. 

Photos (top to bottom): Flickr/Garry Knight, Flickr/SleepyNeko and Flickr/George Ross