EcoLogo Sets Standards for Pool and Spa Chemicals

In the past 50 years, the number of residential pools in North America has grown dramatically—from a few thousand to almost 7 million. More pools means more pool maintenance—and more chemicals. While keeping pools, especially public ones, clean and safe for swimmers should be a top priority, the chemicals used in pool maintenance are toxic to both humans and the environment.  

How do you keep your pool clean? Photo By Snap Man/Courtesy Flickr  

Thankfully, this summer EcoLogo, the largest environmental standard and certification mark in North America, initiated its first environmental standards for pool and spa chemicals. The EcoLogo mark goes only to products that meet strict and scientifically relevant criteria and that are third-party certified. Eco Logo certifies everything from body washes and bookshelves to flooring and insulation.

EcoLogo standards are developed in an open, public process with a broad base of stakeholder participation. The process for developing pool and spa chemical standards will begin by outlining environmental and health concerns the standard should address. Anyone is allowed to participate, including pool and spa chemical manufacturers, government agencies, nonprofit advocacy groups—and you.

If you’re interested in being part of the process for developing standards for pool and spa chemicals, contact Terri Cundy at or  (613) 247-1900, ext 242.