Chicken Whispering: Discover the chicken you never knew

Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
Workshop Level: Beginner
Patricia Foreman is the Founding President of the Gossamer Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to global sustainability and local foods. As Pat says: "We can't have one without the other".

Workshop Description

There are new ways to handle and communicate with chickens that can result in trust, gentleness and even emotional bonds. But first you must learn how a chicken thinks, and prefers to be treated. It’s sometimes not what you think. Some birds can even be trained to serve as therapy chickens and classroom assistants. Get close and personal with your biddy buddy. Learn the basics of chicken whispering in this cutting-edge, hens-on, nose-to-beak workshop.

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Speaker Bio

Patricia Foreman is the founding president of the Gossamer Foundation (, and developer of the Chickens and YOU Training Series. She is the author of many sustainable agricultural books, including City Chicks, and co-author of Chicken Tractor and Backyard Market Gardening. She has been widely published in major national magazines. Foreman is a popular guest on national radio and television talk shows, including programs on NPR and CBS. She was the co-host of the Chicken Whisperer Talk Show for four years. Foreman graduated from Purdue University with degrees in pharmacy and animal science (genetics and nutrition). She earned a master's degree from Indiana University's Graduate School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She lectures and facilitates workshops across North America on enabling local food systems.

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