Win an Organic Mattress and Bedding!

Want a better bed? So do most Americans. A new survey by the Specialty Sleep Association found that 79 percent of consumers want an eco-friendly, nontoxic mattress, and 76 percent of sales associates have had customers ask for “natural,” “environmentally friendly” and “organic” mattresses.

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When you look at what goes into making a mattress, it’s no wonder so many of us want a better bed. Most mattresses are made with polyurethane, a petroleum byproduct that outgases volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory and skin problems and weaken our immune and nervous systems. Since 2007, all mattresses sold in the United State are also required to be treated with a flame-retardant chemical. The most common flame retardants are boric acid, antimony and formaldehyde. These chemicals leach from mattresses while we sleep, and our bodies absorb them.

Feeling a little freaked out? For safer sleep, consider a mattress made from natural latex or organic cotton and wrapped in organic wool, a natural flame retardant—and don’t forget to cover your bed with organic linens and pillows.

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