Beautiful and Abundant: The MOTHER EARTH NEWS community and its vision for the future

Workshop Level: Beginner
On any given day, Bryan Welch can be found spending his early morning hours tending to his cattle on his farm near Lawrence, Kan., his lunchtime polishing an essay for Utne Reader at his Topeka office, and his evening at a Hollywood cocktail reception for the launch of a green media initiative.

Welch and his family raise cattle, sheep, goats and chickens on their 50-acre farm. All their animals range freely, and the grazing animals are strictly grass-fed. Welch grew up in New Mexico where, starting at age 9, he cared for a neighbor’s dairy goats and other livestock.

Workshop Description

MOTHER EARTH NEWS' positive message brings together a community of working visionaries. In his award-winning book, Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want, MOTHER EARTH NEWS publisher Bryan Welch explores the power of human visualization and offers an engaging and practical method for building a collective vision of human sustainability one person – and one endeavor – at a time.

Speaker Bio

Bryan Welch runs Ogden Publications, Inc., the dominant media company dedicated to sustainable lifestyles in the United States, publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and producer of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including the Green Business Conference, Social Venture Network events, Social Venture Institutes, American Magazine Conferences and many others. Bryan and his wife, Carolyn, raise organic, grass-fed cattle, sheep and goats on a 50-acre farm near Lawrence, Kan.

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