Guide to Organic Gardening App

Guide To Organic Gardening App Lead ImageGardeners of all experience levels know that one of the joys intrinsic to growing food crops is that you’re guaranteed to learn more every year. Maybe this year you’re digging your first-ever organic vegetable garden, or you’re trying out a new-to-you heirloom tomato variety that — according to legend — will produce juicy, red fruits that weigh more than a pound apiece. Or maybe you’ve built a new compost system or have decided this is the year to attract beneficial insects to keep pesky insect pests at bay. Whatever your next (or even your first) step may be, we have the resources to help you on your way to a successful organic gardening season.

What’s in the Guide to Organic Gardening App?

This gardening resource app will be updated annually, with our freshly harvested know-how made available for download. After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to read and put each of the 20-plus articles to use whether you have an Internet connection or not. When you have a Wi-Fi connection, however, you’ll find every article full of links to even more great content and resources to help you reap year-round harvests from the garden of your dreams.

Articles within the app include:

  • Maintain a Weedless Organic Garden
  • Enlist Beneficial Insects for Natural Pest Control
  • The Best Heirloom Seed Sources
  • Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work
  • How to Make Compost
  • Find Your Frost Dates

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Jennifer Kongs is the Managing Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. When she’s not working at the magazine, she’s likely working in her garden, on the local running trails or in her kitchen instead. You can find Jennifer on Twitter or .