Tuesday Video: Building a 60-Square-Foot Home


Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailKyle and Jeannie weren’t sure where they wanted to live, and they didn’t want to spend a lot of money building a home. So—without any building experience and with only the Internet as their guide—they bought a used trailer  for $600 and built themselves a 60-square-foot house on top.

Kyle and Jeannie built and outfitted their tiny home for less than $2,000. At $600, the Tiny Tot marine stove was their biggest expenditure. Kyle harvested dead wood to create shelves, and Jeannie knit, wove and macramed hanging shelves and closets.

This video, shot in response to Tiny House Blog’s request for submissions, chronicles the seven months that Kyle and Jeannie spent building their Homemade Spaceship in the wilderness near Moab, Utah.