Virtual Medicine Walk

Dawn Combs - Mockingbird Meadows
Workshop Level: Beginner

Workshop Description

Self-sufficiency is at our feet almost every day if we begin to know the weeds that grow in abundance. Come on a virtual walk to learn what can be used for general health, what must be maintained for our soil and pollinators, and what is just plain tasty!

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Speaker Bio

Dawn Combs is a wife and mother of two with a bachelor's degree in botany and humanities/classics from Ohio Wesleyan University. She studied with Rosemary Gladstar and is a homesteading herbalist, beekeeper, herbal educator and co-founder of Bees First. Combs is co-owner of Mockingbird Meadows, a medicinal herb and honey farm in central Ohio, where she has created a signature line of herbal honey spreads.

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