Peanut Butter Play-Dough

 pnut butter playdo 

It's nice to have fun food that is good
for you.  My kids have always enjoyed sweet snacks and it's not
always easy to find ones that are healthy as well.  Edible play-dough
is fun for toddlers and fun to eat. There are a lot of recipes for
edible play-dough which can be found in books and online.  My
favorite is    peanut butter play-dough.  This recipe has been around
for years, I remember having it as a child and reading recipes in
books long ago.  

What I really love about this recipe is
the versatility of the ingredients.  Basically, it is a mixture of
one part honey, two parts peanut butter, and two parts powdered milk
(or enough of the dry ingredient to make the mixture not sticky).
Substitutions for any of the ingredients is very simple.  Try sorghum
in place of honey, or an almond butter instead of peanut.  For
someone lactose intolerant, any flour can be substituted for the
powdered milk.  Yes, it still contains sugar, even though the natural
sugars are better, but it is combined with a high level of protein
provided by the nut butter and milk.  This makes for a fun, easy,
protein/energy packed snack that is really fun for all ages.  

Another strategy for older kids is to
combine it with granola or another cereal and press it in a pan.
Refrigerate till firm then cut into squares for a nutritious bar.  

My youngest son still request peanut
butter play-dough for breakfast, and honestly, I don't mind making it
for him!  I usually make it with local honey and sorghum which keeps
his allergys non-existent.  Try it, and share with us how you make