Homemade Smoker & Masonry Oven


juicy brisket 


Look at this juicy brisket!  Make use of discarded items around your home and enjoy tasty smoked meats! 

Summer- time grilling season is here!  Think beyond your standard propane bbq and check out these two videos.  You will be amazed at what you can do!

Here, Richard Wadd demonstrates how to make a smoker using a recycled propane tank and other miscellaneous items.  Think of flavor-infused meats, smoked bacon and homemade sausages! Yum!




And check out Kevin Kossowan's little masonry oven-- you'll really be inspired to make this!  Breads, meats, pizza...so much is possible! 

For more about cooking with fire see Kevin Kossowan in action.  {You will also love his homemade dry stacked oven, amazing cellar, and recipes using local, wild foods.}

Happy Grilling Season!

Photo: Flickr/Paul Lowry 

Liesl and Myles are from Alberta, Canada.  You can also find them on Nest.