Kids' Goat Milking Demonstration

Elizabeth Rich - Misty Moraine Creamery
Workshop Level: Beginner
Over the years Elizabeth has kept dairy cows, pigs, ducks, turkeys, guineas, rabbits and geese in addition to a large garden and fruit production. Elizabeth’s goal is to produce as much of her own food as possible, as her 25 years of experience with the governmental agencies charged with protection of our food supply has led her to the conclusion that she is not protected.

Workshop Description

Learn all about how to milk a goat. First we'll clean the udder and teats, then we'll demonstrate proper milking techniques. We'll also learn how to strain the milk and store it. Kids can pet the goat, talk to her, and try their hand at milking her themselves!

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Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Rich is a goat farmer, cheesemaker and lawyer for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Currently, she has 21 goats on her 40-acre farm near Plymouth, Wis. She has been raising dairy goats since 1996.

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