Small-Scale Alcohol Fuel

Richard Freudenberger - Backhome Magazine/ New Society author
Workshops Level: Beginner
Richard is the publisher of BackHome Magazine and lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Workshop Description

An introductory overview of small-scale alcohol fuel production and its place in a Peak Oil future. Homemade alcohol, produced from crop culls and food-processing waste, is an environmentally sustainable fuel with many performance benefits. Learn about potential feedstocks, fermentation, equipment needs, alcohol co-products, engine conversions, and cooperative/community ventures, and find out if it’s economically feasible to make alcohol fuel on your own or within a group cooperative.

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Speaker Bio

Richard Freudenberger is the former research director of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and co-developer of the publication’s original 624-acre experimental Eco-Village. His areas of expertise include biofuels, green building and renewable energy. Currently, Freudenberger is the publisher of BackHome Magazine, a national hands-on publication that he co-founded with several partners in 1990. He teaches the energy management curriculum at a local college and has written a number of books in the architectural restoration and woodworking fields. He is the author of Alcohol Fuel: Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel.

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