Biochar-Making Cookstove

Chris Farmer - School of Integrated Living (SOIL)
Workshop Level: Beginner
Biochar is a name for charcoal when it is used for particular purposes, especially as a soil amendment. Biochar is under investigation as an approach to carbon sequestration to produce negative carbon dioxide emissions. Biochar thus has the potential to help mitigate climate change, via carbon sequestration. Independently, biochar can increase soil fertility, increase agricultural productivity, and provide protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases.

Workshop Description

This workshop will demonstrate how to cook food and make biochar at the same time, using a small Champion TLUD (Top Lit Up Draft) gasifier. Basic history of biochar and gasifiers will be given in addition to a live demonstration of creating high-quality charcoal for biochar while steaming a large pot of food.

Speaker Bio

Chris Farmer is the owner of SunWorks Electric. Farmer has lived at Earthaven Ecovillage since 1998, where he has cleared his own farm field, designed and built passive solar homes using the wood from the trees he has killed (including his own Microhut), held leadership positions, raised turkeys, grown vegetables, co-founded the Forestry Cooperative, designed and installed multiple off-grid energy and water systems, and a few other things. His newest excitement is dabbling in small-scale biochar production and wood gasification at Gateway Farm.

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