The Greened House Effect: Part two

Jeff Wilson - The Greened House Effect, Chelsea Green Publishing
Workshop Level: Intermediate
Jeff Wilson's 25 years in the construction industry has spanned the roles of carpenter, remodeler, and home improvement host on HGTV and the diy network. On TV, Jeff has told stories of historic restorations (Restore America, HGTV) and taught people how to build everything from decks (Build-a-Deck, diy network) to fences (Build-a-Fence, diy network) to handmade musical instruments (Hand Made Music, diy network).

Workshop Description

Remodel your home with a deep energy retrofit (DER). Part one of The Greened House Effect follows the story of the Wilson family's retrofit of their 70-year-old home to reduce their energy bills by 85% while making their home a more comfortable and healthier place to live. Jeff Wilson will also cover many different techniques and technologies for achieving this kind of "weatherization on steroids" in a variety of climates around the country.

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Speaker Bio

Jeff Wilson grew up helping to build the super-efficient, passive solar home his father designed in the 1980s. He went on to become a carpenter and remodeler and to host nearly 200 episodes on HGTV and the diy network. His latest on-camera role finds him extolling the virtues of train travel in "Real Rail Adventures" on public television (check local listings in April for the debut episode covering Switzerland). Wilson lives with his wife and two daughters in a perpetually half-renovated home in a small college town in southeastern Ohio.

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