Dissolving Your Sugar Habit

Sharon Greenspan - Wild Success
Workshop Level: Beginner
After Peace Corps, Sharon had number of tragedies in her personal life which resulted in weight gain and depression. Doctors reported that she had a tumor (and the only test for malignancy was to inject radioactive pharmaceuticals into her bloodstream. She declined. She is now tumor-free.) Research of the tumor revealed arthritis so debilitating that they thought her spine would fuse together into one piece. Through the living foods lifestyle pioneered by Ann Wigmore and carried forward by Brian Clement, David Wolfe and many others, she found relief. She released over 50 pounds and let go of useless habits and beliefs which no longer served her. She's completed several progressive fasts and continues to learn more about this way of life. She now has a regular yoga practice and even teaches!

Workshop Description

Discover the truth about your sugar or carb cravings! Learn the secret to gain control (without feeling deprived) and which food choices increase your energy, health and joy. Hear proven strategies to break your habit and balance your life.

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Speaker Bio

Diagnosed with depression, a tumor and severe arthritis, Sharon Greenspan changed her lifestyle, reversed her chronic disease and released 55 pounds! She became a board-certified health practitioner. Through her private practice, she coaches clients to reach their goals for health, weight loss and stress reduction.

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