10 Tips to Attack The Source

February/March 2001

Wherever possible you should try to limit your exposure to dust, smoke and allergens. Besides practicing the obvious - not smoking, not having pets, and cleaning frequently - you should also consider these measures:

1 Remove carpeting from bedrooms and living rooms.
2 Don't use heavy drapes or curtains.
3 Cover pillows and mattresses with allergy covers.
4 Designate certain rooms pet-free.
5 Run a dehumidifier in the basement during the summer.
6 Clean the basement walls with a diluted bleach solution to reduce mold growth.
7 Use an exhaust fan in the bathroom.
8 Wipe down showers and baths after each use to reduce mold and mildew.
9 Install a ducted range hood to reduce odors and cooking smoke.
10 Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter so that you don't reintroduce dust and allergens that have already settled on carpets.