Creative Containers for Transplanting Seedlings

We've been busy transplanting our seedlings while waiting for the weather to warm up.  Many seedlings had outgrown their little eggshell pod, while others planted in larger trays had also gotten a bit spindly.

When choosing a vessel to transplant to, there are many cost effective options.  First, think of what you already may have around the house.  Consider saving yogurt and sour cream containers to do the job!  Or what about tin cans?  Last year we used various sizes of soup, coffee and tomato paste cans.  Just run a knife around the rim of the can, and the plants pop right out!

This year we recycled plastic drinking cups.  We have been able to transplant hundreds of tomato and pepper seedlings, all with virtually no cost.  Poke a few holes into the bottom of the cup for drainage and that's it! 


We still have another hundred or so to transplant! Got to keep moving! 

All photos: L & M Petersen 

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