Permaculture and Human Nutrition

Chuck Marsh - Organic Growers School
Workshop Level: Intermediate
Chuck is a pioneer in ecological landscape design and consulting practices, and founder of Useful Plants Nursery, an edible landscape plant nursery located south of Black Mountain, NC.

Workshop Description

As food security issues deepen, vegetables are not enough. This workshop will explore what foods we need to grow to thrive nutritionally in our local foodsheds, and how permaculturally informed food growing strategies can support the growth of a nutritionally complete local and regional food supply for our families and our communities.

Speaker Bio

Chuck Marsh is a permaculture elder, teacher, designer, consultant and nurseryman with a lifetime of experience working with the communities, people, plants, soils, water and climate of Western North Carolina. He brings his experience to bear on the cultivation of abundance for present and future generations of humans and for the regeneration of natural systems on our beautiful garden planet. Marsh is the founder of Useful Plants Nursery (, a permaculture plant nursery at Earthaven Ecovillage ( south of Black Mountain, N.C., and the senior partner of Living Systems Design (, a permaculture design, planning and consultation practice.

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