Raw Milk Production - Doing It Right

Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
Workshop Level: Beginner
In addition to actively managing their 70 head herd of dairy goats, Gianaclis is the cheesemaker and owner (along with her husband, Vern Caldwell) of Pholia Farm, a licensed dairy located on 24 of the 200 plus acres she grew up on in southern Oregon. Pholia is well known for its artisan, aged raw milk cheeses; classes on small-dairy, goat husbandry, and cheesemaking at all levels; and off-grid, sustainable life-style focus.

Workshop Description

Whether for home use or local sales, raw milk can be produced and harvested in a way that makes it as wholesome and nutritious as possible. A growing appreciation and demand for whole, unprocessed, living foods makes raw milk a highly desirable product, but its production must be done right. In this session you will learn the basic principles, science and practices that make the small-scale dairy a success.

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Speaker Bio

Author, dairy farmer and professional cheesemaker Gianaclis Caldwell knows firsthand the rewards and difficulties involved in operating a small dairy. From the rigors and emotional toll - and rewards - of animal care to the burden of dealing with regulatory concerns and commercial costs, the small dairy is a worthy but complicated business. It is Caldwell's goal to provide the insight and knowledge necessary for those entering the field to succeed - and be happy!

Visit gianacliscaldwell.com and pholiafarm.com for more information.

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