Saving Seeds From Your Garden

Steve Carlson - Seed Savers Exchange
Workshop Level: Beginner
Gardeners save seeds for many reasons, including money savings, seed security and consistent quality.

Workshop Description

In the days before seed catalogs, collecting and saving seeds for the next year’s garden was essential. Today, seed saving plays a critical role in preserving rare, heirloom varieties and the garden heritage they represent. Join Seed Savers Exchange to discuss the process of saving seed from garden fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, squash, peppers, melons, beans and more), and learn how to participate in this backyard preservation.

Speaker Bio

Steve Carlson came to Seed Savers Exchange as the communications coordinator in early 2013 after completing his master's degree in applied anthropology, where he focused his research on the intersection between culture, agriculture and the climate. He recently carried out a research project in western North Carolina apple orchards, analyzing changes in growing conditions and the resulting effects on local apple diversity. Carlson is passionate about preserving our agricultural heritage while contributing to a more sustainable agricultural system.

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