Compost Your Way to Better Soil

Barbara Pleasant - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Workshop Level: Beginner
Master gardener Barbara Pleasant takes the guesswork and anxiety out of growing food, explaining in simple language exactly how to start, maintain and eventually expand an organic vegetable garden, even in the smallest of spaces. Choose one of 24 no-fail, small-scale garden plans and find out how easy it is to enjoy your own fresh food all season long!

Workshop Description

Home composting expert Barbara Pleasant will share dozens of practical composting techniques for turning kitchen and garden waste into an essential soil amendment for any type of garden. Learn novel passive and active composting methods for enriching your soil, including composting innovations shared by MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers.

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Speaker Bio

One of MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ most experienced garden editors, Barbara Pleasant has written features on topics ranging from turnips to property dogs. Her popular Gardening Know-How column in MOTHER EARTH NEWS won a Silver Award of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association in 2013, her sixth such award in 30 years as a professional garden writer. Pleasant lives in Floyd, Va., where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, and keeps a small flock of laying hens, all of whom have names.

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